Building better partnerships between industry & the NHS, & across the life sciences sector

ABPI Patient Advisory Council

Council members provide the Association’s Board and its senior team with meaningful insights into the patient experience, to inform strategy, policy priorities and work.

ABPI Patient Advisory Council

NHS-Industry Partnership Case Studies Repository

Explore examples of how collaboration and partnership can support delivery of NHS priorities and enable the ‘triple win’ - of improved patient outcomes, more efficient use of NHS resources and evidence of impact for industry – as well as replication and scaling across the NHS.

NHS-Industry Partnership Case Studies Repository

NHS engagement

Place based partnerships

Working with patient organisations

Our ambition is to put patients at the heart of what we do, developing and delivering medicines which can have the most impact on people’s health and wellbeing. ABPI is committed to embedding system-wide patient and public involvement across the life sciences research sector.

Our work with patient organisations

Patient & public involvement

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