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NHS-Industry Partnership Case Studies Repository

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and its member companies share a common belief in the power of collaboration as the best way to improve outcomes for patients, address healthcare challenges and support the delivery of sustainable NHS health and care across the UK.

Collaboration has taken place for many years, and 100s of projects are happening right now. All are aimed at helping to achieve NHS priorities throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This site is intended for NHS organisations. For the first time, it enables access through a single portal to many tangible examples of projects set up, delivered and resourced by specific NHS and pharmaceutical industry partners across ABPI member companies. The examples demonstrate, at organisation or system level, how industry can contribute to delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan and inclusive economic development.

The aim is to demonstrate how collaboration and partnership can support delivery of NHS priorities and enable the ‘triple win’ - of improved patient outcomes, more efficient use of NHS resources and evidence of impact for industry – as well as replication and scaling across the NHS.

We welcome feedback from users to inform ongoing improvement to the structure, content and functionality of this site. Please share your feedback by emailing ABPICollaborationsRepository@abpi.org.uk

The Academic Health Science Networks' and the ABPI’s guide to governance and process to support collaboration with the life sciences industry to support sustainability and transformation is here along with ‘Joint Working – a toolkit for industry and the NHS' here.

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Last modified: 11 January 2022

Last reviewed: 11 January 2022