COVID-19 response: Members of Parliament Read more about how the pandemic affected MPs’ opinions towards pharmaceutical companies operating in the UK

Advocacy of the sector among MPs continues to be shaped by the sector’s work to find solutions to the pandemic

MPs continue to have a very positive view of the sector’s response to the pandemic and mentions of its actions continue to be top of mind among MPs. Their perceptions of the sector’s recent track record fundamentally shape their views in other areas.

They have a keen sense that the sector invests heavily in R&D and a high level of cross-party agreement that it is focussing on developing new vaccines and therapeutics to respond to future pandemics.

“[Redacted] did very well in creating the COVID vaccine so I assume they would apply that same work ethic to whatever is our next threat.” Conservative Backbencher
“Clearly they've developed vaccines to deal with COVID and I know from reading various reports in the media that they're working on other vaccines at the moment. I don't know the complete details of that so I'll say somewhat well rather than very well.” Labour Backbencher
“[I would speak highly of pharmaceutical companies operating in the UK] because I think the speed at which they worked to develop the vaccine and COVID and they work within a framework in the UK. I think they reinvest their money back into research and I think overall they’re an incredible service to public health..” Conservative Backbencher

Last modified: 24 August 2023

Last reviewed: 24 August 2023