Reputation – General Public: Researching and developing new medicines Read more about how the general public see the pharmaceutical sector’s contribution to research and development

Positive views of medical innovation underpin positivity towards the sector overall.

Trust in the sector continues to be underpinned by positive views of its research and development (R&D), role in the pandemic and regulation standards. The public agrees that people can access the latest medicines because of the sector’s continuous R&D activities and their investments undertaken in the country – with just under half of members of the public describing the sector as being 'good at what they do’. There is widespread agreement that the sector employs highly skilled staff, produces effective medicines and vaccines that people need and uses the latest, cutting-edge technology.

Perceptions of pharmaceutical companies’ response to COVID-19 continue to be positive with over half (54%) of the public saying they have become more positive towards the industry since the outbreak of the pandemic. In light of this ongoing positivity, it is perhaps unsurprising that seven in ten people trust the sector to be willing to tackle future pandemics. There are also high expectations of the sector to deal with challenges such as antimicrobial resistance (AMR): four in five agree that pharmaceutical companies should develop solutions to treat superbugs and stop AMR.

Last modified: 30 August 2023

Last reviewed: 30 August 2023